We’re ready for spring!

Posted at Mar 8, 2017 1:05 am

How about you? We’ve had a relatively mild winter here in the midwest but we’re still ready for warmer weather and spring flowers. 

We’ve updated our Appearances page so be sure to take a look at where we’re going to be. We’d love to see you in person at any of those events!

We’re currently at work on Books 9 and 10 in the Pampered Pets Mystery series so watch for news on those releases. We’ll let you know as soon as have release dates. 

And if you want to get notified of release dates or when there are specials on the books, just sign up for our mailing list –  Get Updates – that way you won’t miss out!


4 responses to “We’re ready for spring!”

  1. Sandra Lea Walker says:

    As a “new”author for me…I love these pet-friendly mysteries!! Right up my alley and can hardly wait to read others!! Thank you!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi I’ve never left a msg on a bold before so here goes. The news letter said to say something about pets. I live in British Columbia Canada. My daughter works for the BCSPCA and is the feral coordinator. Since she took over that job I have become a foster parent. We get wee feral kittens that have to be socialized so they can be adopted. We’ve probably had about 20 kittens in the last year. It’s amazing to see them go from hissing, spitting and growling beasties to fun loving and cuddly kittens ready to go to their fur ever home. So far we have had only one foster failure. Which is when a kitten doesn’t go back to the shelter to be adopted. That was because my other daughter adopted her. That best place to get a pet is at an SPCA. Hope that wasn’t too much of a ramble.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Are any later books going to be issued as audio books? I have the first four. Thanks!

  4. Sandra Lea Walker says:

    I am replying once again as I make my way through the list of these fabulous authors who write page-turning mysteries, And, I volunteer with an animal rescue group and are “owned” by two cats currently!!

    Sparkle-Abbey is (are) my favorite authors and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of “Get Fluffy” in our local library. Please keep writing–love you guys!!!

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