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Posted at Aug 28, 2014 4:52 am

Connie Archer invited us to be part of a blog hop highlighting a main character from a published work or a book we’re currently working on. Connie is the national bestselling author of the Soup Lover’s Mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime.  A Spoonful of Murder,  A Broth of Betrayal and A Roux of Revenge are set in the imaginary village of Snowflake, Vermont.  The fourth book in the series, Ladle to the Grave, will be released in March 2015.  You can visit her website and blog at to read her post about her character, Miriam Leonard.

We accepted Connie’s invitation and we’ve decided to share a little bit about Caro Lamont who is the amateur sleuth in both our most recently published book, Fifty Shades of Greyhound and the book we’re currently working on, Kitty Confidential. So, here’s Caro…

Isla FisherWhat’s your character’s name? And is she real or fictional?

Carolina Lamont, but everyone calls her Caro. She is totally fictional.

What does Caro look like? She’s a tall redhead. If we were casting a movie, we’d pick Isla Fisher to play her.

When and where is the story set?

The story’s set in the present time in Laguna Beach, California. A beautiful seaside town in southern California known mostly for its beach, shops, and art galleries. Oh and it’s very pet friendly! The town has more registered dogs than there are children. We visit this lovely community whenever we get the chance. Laguna Beach Surf

What should we know about Caro? Well, Caro is a former Texas beauty queen, a trained psychologist, and is currently working as a pet therapist. She left Texas after a very messy and public divorce and absolutely loves her new life in Laguna Beach.

What’s Caro’s goal?

Her goal is always to see justice done. Caro is the ultimate champion of the underdog which often times gets her in trouble. She is fierce in her love and protection for animals and also for her friends. In Fifty Shades of Greyhound Caro finds herself involved in the investigation of a death that happened at a greyhound rescue fundraiser. She’s in a unique position of being able to talk with many of the people who were in attendance because the CEO of the rescue hires her to check on the dogs who were there. But in this case before justice is done, Caro find herself in the doghouse with homicide detective, Judd Malone, who thinks Caro should leave the investigating to him. As in previous books, we had some fun with the colorful cast of characters who populate our fictional version of Laguna Beach, with Caro’s cousin, Mel, and of course, with Caro’s clients and their pet problems.

When will the book be out? Fifty Shades of Greyhound

Fifty Shades of Greyhound is out now.

Our next book, The Girl with the Dachshund Tattoo will be out this fall and Kitty Confidential will be out in the spring of 2015.



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  1. Great character information. I love the titles you come up with for your novels!

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